Requesting Permission to Use Living Stone Material
Please note carefully the following guidelines regarding our policy in using LIVING STONE material.

Permission to use copyrighted material is required by law unless your request is considered air use?or the copyright on the text has expired, placing it in public domain. Our standard for fair use is 250 words or less. However, if you intend to use the excerpt as a stand-alone (such as an entry in a devotional book or collection of stories), or the material you desire to use is a stand-alone (such as a chart, graph, cartoon, map, poem, sermon, etc.), you must request permission regardless of word count. If you have questions regarding whether you should request permission or not, please contact us.

Under current copyright law, all materials copyrighted before 1923 are in public domain. Formal permission to use the material is not required, granted the material is correctly cited, including author, title, copyright date, and publisher.

Request permission to use LIVING STONE material by completing the form below.

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